• The Forest

    The Forest

    360 animation. Work in Progress. We expect trees to be rooted to the ground, only their branches moved by the wind, unless disaster strikes. It’s a playfully modified landscape or a harshly manipulated one, depending on how you see it. The trees were collected through photogrammetry, and now, anchored to the sky, they are affected […]

  • Stone Heart

    Stone Heart

    3D animation. Work in Progress. A lava rock scanned through photogrammetry is turned into pulsating jelly, something that could be inserted into a body.

  • Atlas


    Pencil on paper. Work in Progress. This is a constantly expanding map series, one that has no index, no legend, no scale, no description of what is being mapped. It is going against the purpose of a map, which is to explain and clarify connections. The only way this might work with this atlas is […]