• Magnetic Samples

    Magnetic Samples

    Magnetic Samples is an ongoing work exploring how we can perceive the universe by making the fundamental forces more tangible, using the cyanotypes to make magnetic fields visible through iron filings and artificially simulating gravity in 3D animation.

  • The Forest

    The Forest

    360 animation. Work in Progress. We expect trees to be rooted to the ground, only their branches moved by the wind, unless disaster strikes. It’s a playfully modified landscape or a harshly manipulated one, depending on how you see it. The trees were collected through photogrammetry, and now, anchored to the sky, they are affected […]

  • Stone Heart

    Stone Heart

    3D animation. Work in Progress. A lava rock scanned through photogrammetry is turned into pulsating jelly, something that could be inserted into a body.