Sanna Fogelvik

Artist and architect based in Stockholm, Sweden

I work in 3D animation, VR, analogue photography, drawing and sometimes sound. Several of my works involve digitally collecting things through photogrammetry and changing their physical properties, like scale, viscosity, texture or timeframe. I also like moving and translating between different media, especially digital and analogue, but occasionally also languages. As a practising architect creating a physical space for the everyday life of people is something I enjoy, where scale and tactility is made to fit human bodies. I hope that some of that appears in my art too.

Most of my works are in some way about landscape and nature. I am both drawn to the playfulness of turning what is around me into a world of my own, and aware of the power wielded when doing so collectively as a culture. Navigating representation of nature is sometimes challenging. I’m inspired by history, science and philosophy in my artistic process.


Materialities; Energies, Gallery ID:I, Stockholm

Materialities; Energies. Group show, Sergels Torg, Stockholm

Proximity Survey, SÍM, Reykjavik, Iceland

Attract-Repel. Supercontinents. Spring Exhibition RIA, Stockholm


Fifty Fifty. Group show, Walla Scen, Stockholm

Swedish Pinhole Photography. Group show, Gallery Kameralna, Słupsk, Polen

Women’s Pinhole Photography. Group show, Gallery Gawra, Raciborz, Polen

Bending Boundaries: Constructing, Undermining and Resisting Space. Art event arranged by HICCUP 15 dec 2013 in Stockholm
OFFO 2013, Poland Pinhole Camera Show. Group show. Galeria 9, Gliwice, Polen
6th Annual International Juried Plastic Camera Show. Group show, Rayko Photo Center, San Francisco, CA, USA

Steps, Solo show, Uppsala Fotofestival 2012
End of the World 2012. With Lena Källberg. Walla Scen, Stockholm

The Spooky Show III. Group show, Lightbox Photographic Gallery, Astoria, OR, USA


Materialities; Energies, Postmaster Course in Fine Art 2022-2023 (Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm)

Project Studies for Professional Artists 2016-2017 (Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm)

Courses in electroacoustic music, field recording and composition (Elektronmusikstudion EMS, Stockholm)

Resources 05, Postgraduate Course in Architecture, 2005-6 (Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm)

BA and MA in Architecture 1995-2001 (Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, University of East London, UK)

Landscape Architecture 1994-1995 (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Ultuna)