• Magnetic Samples

    Magnetic Samples

    Magnetic Samples is an ongoing work exploring how we can perceive the universe by making the fundamental forces more tangible, using the cyanotypes to make magnetic fields visible through iron filings and artificially simulating gravity in 3D animation.

  • The Forest

    The Forest

    360 animation. Work in Progress. We expect trees to be rooted to the ground, only their branches moved by the wind, unless disaster strikes. It’s a playfully modified landscape or a harshly manipulated one, depending on how you see it. The trees were collected through photogrammetry, and now, anchored to the sky, they are affected […]

  • Stone Heart

    Stone Heart

    3D animation. Work in Progress. A lava rock scanned through photogrammetry is turned into pulsating jelly, something that could be inserted into a body.

  • Atlas


    Pencil on paper. Work in Progress. This is a constantly expanding map series, one that has no index, no legend, no scale, no description of what is being mapped. It is going against the purpose of a map, which is to explain and clarify connections. The only way this might work with this atlas is […]

  • Enheduanna Lost in Translation

    Enheduanna Lost in Translation

    Sound/installation. Work in progress. Enheduanna, priestess and poet from around 2250 BCE, might be the earliest author known by name, and she wrote in Sumerian, a language that is now extinct. There is something sad about a language that is no longer spoken. Once people expressed themselves through it, every day in their everyday lives, […]

  • Maps, Landscapes and Writings

    Maps, Landscapes and Writings

    Drawings and animations. Work in progress.

  • Icelandic Landscape

    Icelandic Landscape

    3D animation, 2018. Mud pools and lava rocks are part of the volcanic landscape of Iceland, the island sitting across the constantly widening Mid-Atlantic Ridge. These are objects collected through photogrammetry, reassembled into a new environment, turned into elastic membranes and made to move by artificial winds. The work was created during a residency at […]

  • Attract-Repel


    VR 2017. In this world we are at first just eyes watching rocks rotating and colliding as they float in an endless sea, their centre of gravity constantly shifting. This changes when we start to move and realise that the rocks are both drawn to us and repelled when we approach. It is up to […]

  • Pepakura Iceberg

    Pepakura Iceberg

    Folded paper from 3D model. 2017.

  • Supercontinents


    Glass, 2017. These objects are almost like toys, things that you can play around with and move like continents pushed around by tectonic forces. A rock outside was scaled down, 3D-printed and cast in glass.

  • Wilderness


    Pinhole Photography, 2013. Shifting scale turns a small part of a forest, a puddle or a rock into a wilderness, which we can safely explore through our imagination. These photos were created using a pinhole camera made from a matchbox. The pinhole camera creates an infinite depth of field along with no distortion at a […]

  • Blinds


    3D animation. 2015.

  • Journey


    Pinhole Photography. 2013. Exhibited at OFFO 2013 Poland Pinhole Camera Show and other exhibitions organised by OFFO.

  • The End of the World 2012

    The End of the World 2012

    Cyanotype on silk, Pinhole camera photo 2012. Predictions of the end of the world have followed humanity for a very long time. This year, 2012, many think that the apocalypse is going to happen, at least if you trust interpretations of the Mayan calendar. There are endless possibilities: earthquakes, geomagnetic reversal, meteorites, planets on the […]